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Cozumel underwater photography school

Who we are and what we do?

Cozumel Underwater Photography School was founded as a home for all underwater photographers. As one of the most popular dive destinations in the world, Cozumel is an underwater photographer’s paradise! Colorful reefs, giant coral formations, an abundance of marine life and ease of diving are just about everything a diver can ask for. 

We live, love and breath underwater photography and we know first hand how to cater for underwater photographers. After years in the industry, we decided to settle in Cozumel and spread the word of underwater photography from this magical island throughout the Caribbean and the world. 

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In Cozumel Underwater Photography School we welcome all divers who have a passion for capturing the beauty underwater, whether you shoot video or stills, GoPro or DSLR, Sealife or Nauticam.

Our skilled instructors and photo experts have vast experience with all types of gear and our mission is to help you improve your photography and make it easier for you to practice and shoot underwater. We offer private and group workshops, guided photo dives, gear rental, save-a-dive emergency camera assistance, masterclasses, photography trips and expeditions and a warm cup of coffee served with a huge smile for anyone stepping in our school.


Our partners and exclusive dive operation – Barefoot Dive Center, provides top-notch, first-class service and offers additional diving activities to non-photographers as well.

We are proudly supported by our retail partners - Mozaik Underwater Cameras, one of the top underwater photography stores in the world.

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Ran Mor

Underwater Photo Pro

Ran is an ocean lover, explorer, world traveler, entrepreneur, divemaster, professional underwater photographer and a web expert, who loves to teach and share his experience with others.

Thanks to his experience at Mozaik Underwater Cameras, a leading retailer for underwater photography gear, founded by his brother Tal, Ran is always up to date with almost every existing camera, housing, strobe or accessory in the market and has personally tested a lot of gear. This accumulated knowledge is invaluable when assisting other aspiring photographers and teaching them about their own gear.


Pepe Suarez

Underwater Photo Internships Pro

Pepe was always drawn to photography but other things were always in the way until one day he decided to buy an underwater camera, pack his bags and go to an adventure of a lifetime working on a liveaboard boat in Thailand. 


Since then he has published photo articles for prestigious dive magazines, worked as an underwater photographer for diving companies in Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

Pepe has also worked as an underwater photography instructor in Mexico, South Africa, and Mozambique.

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Danielle Cohen Mor

Manager and Dive instructor

Danielle's life mission is to inspire people through water. She loves sharing her passion to the ocean and diving with others. 

Beside being an experienced PADI, SSI and ANDI scuba instructor, she is also a Watsu therapist (water Shiatsu).

Danielle has led dive trips all over the world, managed dive shops and now her goal is to make Cozumel Underwater photography School the best place possible for all photographers and divers alike.

She's a buoyancy master who can help you nail those tough macro shots with tripod-like stability.

If you're bringing a non-photographer buddy along, she'll make sure they have a wonderful time!

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