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Complete Underwater Photo Course ONLINE


$129 USD

Limited Time Offer - 30% Off!

For the entire pre-recorded course!

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  • The Online Underwater Photography Course consists of 5 lessons.

  • Each lesson is 1 hour.

  • After purchasing you get lifetime access to the class recordings and PDF's.

  • Get access to an exclusive Facebook group for course participants only, where you can post photos for review and ask questions regarding the course material, gear or anything else!

  • This course is great for all levels! Perfect for beginners as well as more experienced photographers.

  • The same principles apply to any camera you use, whether it's a simple GoPro or a professional DSLR / Mirrorless setup.


What will YOU LEARN?


Understand the different settings and how to adjust them (Shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc.)


Types of underwater lighting, proper use and positioning of UW strobes and LED video lights.


Learn how to shoot stunning wide angle scenes of reefs, big pelagics and schools of fish.


 How to arrange all the elements in your frame, essential rules, getting that "Wow factor".



Why you should shoot RAW vs JPG and how to handle RAW files properly to get the most out of them.

Hurry Up! Sale Ends Soon...


Shooting macro subjects, how to spot them, focusing techniques, using close-up lenses.


Best lenses to use for DSLR / Mirrorless shooters and all about wet lenses for compact shooters.


Know your subject and anticipate the shot. How to approach various subjects to get the best shot.


Analyzing your shots, how to detect various common mistakes and how to correct them during the dive.


Editing your images to get the most out of them (Mostly using Adobe Lightroom).

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Ran is an ocean lover, explorer, world traveler, entrepreneur, divemaster, professional underwater photographer and a web expert, who loves to teach and share his experience with others.

Ran has been leading underwater photography expeditions around the world for the past 6 years and has recently founded the Cozumel Underwater Photography School. 

Thanks to his experience at Mozaik Underwater Cameras, a leading retailer for underwater photography gear, Ran is always up to date with almost every existing camera, housing, strobe, or accessory in the market and has personally tested a lot of gear. This accumulated knowledge is invaluable when assisting other aspiring photographers and teaching them about their own gear.

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Ran has always been very friendly, patient and helpful over the couple of years I've been in touch with him - from advice on equipment to purchase and troubleshooting to photography courses, his guidance has tremendously helped me along every step of my UW photography journey. All-round awesome experience!

Alexandre Rigal


Awesome and detailed class for underwater photography for all levels. This class definitely answered a lot of trouble and questions I was having for my underwater photography and many things clicked in my head, which makes me very excited for the next time I dive! Ran is a great teacher (and as has helped me with my underwater gear) and the material is very thorough, absolutely worth the time and money.

Ling Ge

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I was skeptical of taking an online underwater course but am extremely happy I did. Ran did a great job teaching the course and the course notes as well as the videos I will refer to for years. Ran has a wealth of knowledge and a great friendly way of delivering it online. Well worth the money and time for anybody.

Ched Gaglardi


Lesson 1 - Intro to Underwater Photography

Lesson 2 - Lighting for Underwater Photography

Lesson 3 - Underwater Composition

Lesson 4 - Common Mistakes and Preparation

Lesson 5 - Post Processing

Limited Time Offer, 60% Off

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What is this course all about?

For many of us, diving is not accessible on a regular basis. Whether you live in a landlocked state or simply don't have any good dive spots nearby, you probably only get to dive once or twice a year.

When you're already on your dive trip, you want to be diving as much as possible and get the best results right from the start. Otherwise, by the time you get the hang of it, it's your last day and you need to head back home...

This is why learning online is such a useful tool! Acquiring all the necessary skills beforehand ensures a much more enjoyable experience since you will be getting excellent photos from the very first day!

If you've always wanted to get into underwater photography, or if you just purchased a new camera or accessory, or if you're simply tired of getting crappy shots and not knowing what the heck you're doing, this course is for you!

We created this online workshop to offer a more affordable alternative to private courses, while still including the same great content and thorough learning experience.

What are you waiting for? 

Hurry Up! Sale ends soon...


What's Included?

5 Hours of Online Classes


Access to Exclusive Facebook Group


Presentation PDF's


Pre-Dive UW Photo Checklist PDF


Free 20-min 1-on-1 Photo Review


$15 Coupon at Mozaik UW Cameras


Access to All Future Updates of the Course


365-Days Money-Back Guarantee (No Questions Asked!)

Limited Time Offer, 60% Off


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the lesson recordings?

As soon as you finish your purchase, you will get an email with all the details and a link to your course homepage. The homepage includes all the videos, PDF's and relevant links.

Can I watch the course on any device?

Of course! You can watch the videos on a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Does the course ever expire?

Once you purchase the course, it is yours for life! You can access it whenever you want and watch it as many times as you like. It's great to refresh your memory just before an upcoming dive trip or even look up things during the trip!

How do I schedule the free photo review?

In the welcome email after purchasing you will get a link to schedule the live photo review.

I can't join the Facebook group since I don't use Facebook...

No Facebook? No worries! You're welcome to email me at with any questions you have while watching the course and I'll be happy to help.

We'll also reach out to you over email when new UW photo workshops are coming up. You're welcome to opt out of any email notifications if you prefer.

Will the course be updated once in a while?

Yes! After purchasing you will receive free updates for life as we release new updates to the Complete UW Photo Course. We'll notify you via email about any new updates.

Still have questions that haven't been answered above? Reach out to us over the online chat and we'd love to help!

Limited Time Offer, 60% Off

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