Blennyfish of Cozumel: Mighty Macro You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’re new to scuba diving in Cozumel – or even if you already love the place – there’s a good chance you don’t realize the sheer variety of marine life you can find on nearly every dive.

Many divers here are on the lookout for sea turtles, nurse sharks, beautiful Caribbean fish, and giant green moray eels.

And with good reason. Those are some of Cozumel’s best and frequent dive encounters.

But certainly not the only ones!

If you’re here learning or practicing your underwater photography in Cozumel, you'll want to pay attention to and appreciate the great variety of species here – especially those of the tiny variety.

Cozumel Dive Sites are Bursting with Blennies

One of the tiniest among macro marine species to photograph here in Cozumel is the cute and challenging blennyfish.

Blennies are an excellent subject for underwater macro shots.

They’re plentiful and photogenic. That is, if you can find them and get the shot.

A quick look at any reef identification reference book will have your head spin with the number of blenny varieties there are in the Caribbean area.

But as a dive photographer in Cozumel, you’ll likely have the best luck spotting two of the most common ones found here:

  • The “Roughhead Blenny” (Acanthemblemaria aspera)

  • The “Spinyhead Blenny” (Acanthemblemaria spinosa)

These two types are also entertaining to find, as they peek out at the world through surprisingly expressive eyes.

They often hide in tiny holes in hard corals and abandoned tubes and crevasses along the reef, so they’re tough to pick out, at first…but hang in there!

It gets easier to anticipate where to look the more you relax and explore.

Roughhead Blenny